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Post 100 Degree Weather – Garden Survives

Last week we experience abnormally high temperatures for our area. There have been a few casualties, but I was surprised to see that most of my garden has lucked out! I may have made a mistake by not accounting for how much shade an Ash tree will provide. It’s turned out to be a good thing! My bed with the wildflower mix in it grew during this time. My young roses that are in pots for this year are protesting a little. I have a makeshift hanging tomato plant that I thought was dying, but not so! I will post a short on that item. I figured it was a good time to prune all the tomatoes that get full sun and leave my shaded tomatoes alone.

Lady bugs: My first attempt to introduce helpful insects was met with a mass exodus! I will try again next week. I followed the instructions provided, however I did not have a place for the ladybugs to hang out.

I’ve been lucky enough to stay on top of the garden throughout our heat wave.