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Post 100 Degree Weather – Garden Survives

Last week we experience abnormally high temperatures for our area. There have been a few casualties, but I was surprised to see that most of my garden has lucked out! I may have made a mistake by not accounting for how much shade an Ash tree will provide. It’s turned out to be a good thing! My bed with the wildflower mix in it grew during this time. My young roses that are in pots for this year are protesting a little. I have a makeshift hanging tomato plant that I thought was dying, but not so! I will post a short on that item. I figured it was a good time to prune all the tomatoes that get full sun and leave my shaded tomatoes alone.

Lady bugs: My first attempt to introduce helpful insects was met with a mass exodus! I will try again next week. I followed the instructions provided, however I did not have a place for the ladybugs to hang out.

I’ve been lucky enough to stay on top of the garden throughout our heat wave.


News Flash! Chinese Pug Mauls Grapevine!

This just in, I was greeted by the shredded limb of a young grapevine. Funny dogs, but not funny when they shred your vines. Be on the look out for snorting little pups after your shrubs.

December, The month of my garden’s total death

The weather is finally hit a low. I’ve pulled everything out of the ground save for the oregano. I’ll transplant it later into a space that it will grow and not overtake its neighbors. All that aside I’m excited for the spring to come and this won’t be the last time I mention it. I’m now going to grade myself on my first year gardening.